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I should have killed myself three years ago when I had the chance

I fear I will never feel good enough for anyone .. Not even myself


I’m just using this to stress my concerns .. Out loud into a crowd of people who don’t know me !

When is it too late to realise you don’t want this… When do you finally admit to yourself that your lying to yourself … When do you finally make to move to leave… When do you make the fucking decisions to get away from everything to make everything better .. Or do you never admit it.. Never get away never escape your stuck.. Forever with your own thoughts that don’t ever escape… What If one day they do and then your friends find you on your bathroom floor… Or your not actually found because no one knows .. No one knows your there . Now one knows where you are and no one cared too much to check.. What if your found weeks later by a surprise visit because that one person did care . They did worry . They went out of there fucking busy lives to make sure you were doing okay .. When would they admit they weren’t there enough after finding you .. When would they realise you we’re there rock.. And now there rock is gone because they never knew … They never fucking knew !!!!

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